About Us

Thomas Griffin and Justin Lane, Co-Founders of ReeceThomasHi – our names are Thomas Griffin and Justin Lane, and we’re the Co-Founders of ReeceThomas, a new luxury cosmetics company with a unique purpose and mission.

We have a simple mission: we give you the confidence to be your best.

In a world filled with seemingly infinite choices, it is hard to know when you’ve made both the right and best choice.

With so many options before you, how can you walk with confidence in the decisions that you have made?

We know – we have been there too, and we have watched this very dilemma play out in so many different ways.

It’s not easy to know when you’ve made the right decision for yourself, especially when it comes to how you look and feel.

If that weren’t the case, we wouldn’t need a mirror in the bathroom, a mirror in the hall and one last mirror right before we exit our homes to make sure we look just right.

But we can help you know when you have made one correct decision, and that is when you choose ReeceThomas.

We want to inspire you and give you the confidence to be your best – after all, it’s why ReeceThomas exists!

So we’ll say it again – our mission is simple: we give you the confidence to be your best.

We labor over every single detail to make sure that you get the personal touch you deserve.

We care about how our products impact the earth.

And most of all, we believe that a confident you is the best you.

That’s why you can always trust our company and our products to be an easy “yes” in a world filled with questions.

We embody these values in the cosmetic products that we create, the content that we publish and the personal touch that we deliver.

So we implore you – join us on this mission to empower people all over the world to be confident in who they are and to know that out of all the possible decisions they can make, they can make the best one over and over again.

Choose ReeceThomas. We give you the confidence to be your best.

Thomas Griffin and Justin Lane
Co-Founders, ReeceThomas